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Sustainable House Project


Webquest to begin January 30-This will be a group project but the first parts are individual.

Alternative Energy Webquest

  • You will begin by doing individual research- This will be checked
  • When done with individual research you and your team will design a poster and make a model of your energy source.  Points will be given for collaboration.  Taking turns is not an option.
  • other resources
  • research template
  • You need to find a site with a model to make.
Extra Credit option- Silkwood- Movie with Merryl Streep and Cher about Karen Silkwood

SILKWOOD Questions- Answer on your only paper in complete sentences

 1.    What radioactive materials is the plant using?

2.    The plant manager compares radiation burns to ____________________________________.

3.    What do you think it means to “monitor yourself”?

4.    What happens at the plant after Karen returns from seeing her kids?

5.    What extra protection are the workers using after the accident?

6.    What do the plant managers do to Thelma when she is exposed?

7.    What is Thelma worried about after being exposed? Does this seem like mild sunburn?

8.    When Karen is outside on the porch worrying about cancer, what does Drew tell her to do?

9.    Why do you think a nasal smear would be necessary?

10. What happens to Karen when she returns to clean up the cake crumbs?

11. What happens to Karen’s skin & hair?

12. According to Karen’s book, what can plutonium exposure do to you?

13. Why is the workers’ union so important to the people working at the plant?

14. What steps does Karen take to gain rights for workers at the plant?

15. What is the manager doing to the negatives of the fuel rod cross sections to hide the defects? Why is this wrong?

16. What does the union representative tell the workers about the dangers of plutonium at the union meeting?

17. Why do you think the plant managers would not want the workers to give blood?

18. What is the first sign that Karen might be sick?

19. What happens to Karen after she starts investigating the negatives that have been tampered with?

20. What do you think happened to Karen?


- Food Chains worksheet/ Article on Monsanto

Thursday/ Friday- Research Paper on A Month Without Monsanto - You were to think of 5 questions based on the article.  Now it is time to answer them in a 2 page typed double spaced, 12 font paper siting your sources in the end.  Make sure you have a cover page and you spell checked.  Begin by taking notes on your questions then write your paper in your own words.  That is notes 1st and then paper.  You will have Thurs, Friday, and Monday to work on this.  When you are finished e-mail me your paper at eduphile@gmail.com.  If you do not have an e-mail I suggest you create a gmail account.  Do not print your paper!


Renewable resources chart- P.197 on.  The chart should include all the renewable resources mentioned, description, example, and picture.  This should be made into a neat data chart.  

Carbon cycle 

Carbon cycle image

History of fossil fuels in 5 minutes 

Energy sources watch to review

Finish your chart on renewable resources.  Name, description, example, picture

February 21, 2013

Please take the Climate Change Survey.  It is to help a University of Wisconsin teacher with his research.  When you are done write down questions you have about climate change based on the survey.  Give this to the sub.  

Next you will be calculating your Carbon Footprint.

Discuss what your Carbon Footprint is and how you could improve it.  This should be at least 6 sentences and given to the sub.  

Week of Monday, February 4th,2013-  Turn in to the sub what you get finished.  If you turn nothing in then that is how many points you will get.  Read the words!

The Expectation is that by Friday you have read and followed the instructions for the bottom 3 bullet points and have given me your proposal typed as to what your mid-term project will be.  This is your responsibility!

Love, Chabi

Renewable resource project  - You will work with your team on the assigned resource.  Your grade will be determined on how well you collaborate with your team and your participation and knowledge during the presentation.  25 points.  

Watch Norman Eco-Warrior for inspiration

READ everything before you begin.  I suggest taking notes on my expectations.

Also, here are some scholarship opportunities for those of you interested in going into environmental science.  Write down in your proposal if you looked at these for extra credit.  Proposal described below.  

Week of January 14, 2013

Don't forget your hw is due on Friday: Toxic House assessment

Mid-term project due: Friday, March 15, 2013.  You will be given 2 days in class to research what you are doing and write up a proposal. Your proposal should include your thoughts on each of the 6 categories below so I know you looked into each one.

Your mid-term assignment needs to be approved by me and will be counted as 1/2 the final exam grade.  Pick only 1 of the following to do.  They are all of equal difficulty and cannot be done in only a week so the sooner you begin the better your grade will be.  You have plenty of time to work.

1.  Recycled product project- You are to make a project to share with the class using recycled materials.  Accompanying the project should be a poster explaining how you made the project and why and how you would market it as a product on the market.  This product should be something functional that people could use or an artistic project educating people about environmental issues.  I would start with going to google and typing in recycled and upcycled projects in the search box.

Here is a website with great ideas.  Turn trash into treasure.

2.  Make your own laundry detergent or shampoo.  This would be written like a lab write up.  You should have a title, purpose, hypothesis, materials, data, and conclusion.  For the data you should discuss on a day to day basis how well your concoction works.

3.  Do the no Impact Project. For this project you will keep a journal of what you are doing daily.

4.  You may pick 1 citizen scientist project to do.  A link for those is found on the left titled Citizen Scientists.  This project will require journal entries and pictures of what you are researching.  There are lots of choices.

5.  There are numerous books on the environment and environmentalism.  Give me a list of some you might be thinking of reading in your proposal and do a 3 page book report.  Here is a link to some suggestions from goodreads.

6. Enter the Endangered Species Day art contest.

 Enviro Syllabus


Pacing for environmental students

For October 24-25- Tree Lesson  -  Work quietly!

1.  Start by taking notes off this website.

2.  Go to Forests are More than Trees and answer the student questions in complete sentences.  You will need to read this and scroll down to page number 29 for the questions.  

3.  Go to the Autumn Leaves site and take notes on all the screens.  Once you are done make a cartoon explaining why leaves "change" color.  Take notes first!

4. Now pick one Illinois deciduous tree and become an expert on it.  How is it identified?  Where is it found?  What does its leaves look like? Its bark?  How does it reproduce?  How do the trees look in the fall?  Does it bear fruit?  


Today you will be watching a documentary on one of the first CSAs in the country, started by a man named John near Rockford, IL.  Some of you had the great pleasure of visiting Angelic Organics and even a smaller amount of you got to meet John.  He is a visionary and I consider an Illinois treasure.  

Please watch The Real Dirt on Farmer John and take notes on it based on how John's life is affected by the history of farming in Illinois.  What happened in John's life that made him who he is.  And finally explain what a CSA is and how John came up with the idea. 

(Anyone being at all disrespectful to my sub will be written up when I return.)T

Turn this in to the sub at the end of class.

April 19, 2012


Read the following!!


You will be working alone on this webquest on Earthquakes in Illinois.  Make sure you read all parts of the assignment so you understand what to do.  It would be helpful to write out what it is you should be looking for. Read the whole introduction and take notes on it and then look to the questions section to know what to do.  There are resources on the bottom you will be using.  Turn in whatever you finish to the sub at the end of class.  Writing down everything you do will show me that you made good use of your time.


What you write should be clearly written and spell checked.  You may e-mail me your final assignment. 


Spring Valley Webquest  This is the one from April 13th. 



Earthquakes in Illinois  This is the one to be done for April 19th.




 True Cost of Cell Phones


 Read and follow the instructions.


Gasland by Josh Fox


Go to Sites on the left and watch SPOIL -  Tarsands and Darryl Hannah


Group project moving Earth- You will be assigned groups.



Plate tectonics webquest This is the alternate assignment to the group project.  You are to do this if you have missed any part of the group project.


The meatrix


Enviro 1 students please do the following webquest making sure to put all answers on your own paper.


click here: nutrient cycling


done? now do this one ecology webquest


Read the words they will tell you what to do. 


Being that all of you love to work in 3-D your assignment will involve making a museum quality exhibit on an ecosystem found in Illinois.  Your ecosystem will include plants, animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fungi, molluscs, and lichens.  At least 3 examples of each. 


Make sure you have an information section that fully describes your ecosystem and the food chains and food webs found within it.  Find your name and confer on which part you will be researching with your group.  Remember, you are collaborating not taking turns.  That means all group members have plenty to do and you should be working together.


Here are some helpful websites

to get you started.  If you find a great website share it with your colleagues.


  •  http://richard.nesmith.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=58&Itemid=9
    • Illinois DNR- Look under environmental resources


         Bizarre Animal Assignment




        Your assignment is to find a super bizarre animal and tell me all about it.  It should also be from somewhere you have never heard of.  The animal should also be something bizarre and unusual.   Do not pick an animal that someone else is doing.


        Once you have your place and animal picked out you are to tell me all about its habitat, eating habits, mating habits (how many babies, etc.).  You are to become the specialist on this bizarre animal.

        Where is the bizarre place that this animal lives?  Tell me about the ecosystems there and about the people that live there if there are any. 

        Suggested ways to share your knowledge;  Website (yola or weebly), yodio, glogster or prezi.  Only 1 these 4 will be accepted.  Your sources need to be sited!!!  Click here for the sites; yodio, yola, prezi, or glogster.

        Below are some sites with animals that you may use.

        Web ecoist

        Bizarre animals new to science



        I suggest you go to google and type in bizarre animals if those sites are not to your liking.  




        You are to figure out your DOT.  Go to the Do One Thing website and take notes on becoming an activist and follow the instructions.  Research some various causes you might be interested and come up with a plan of action.  You are in Env 2 and I am expecting you to turn whatever you accomplished today into the sub so I know the work you did and how seriously you took this assignment.  Here are some suggested websites.  There are also ideas on the DOT site. Document everything you do and look at.

        You can see what Ory Okolloh says about being an activist - take notes if you watch this.  Or Naomi Wolf from the BigThink website - yes notes.

        Here is what PETA says about becoming an activist.  This is a great animal welfare site.

        Do you like the thought of rescuing big cats?  Go here.



        Clean coal?

        global climate change- check out this awesome nasa site.

        Moving planet

         Keep America Beautiful

        There are so many other things you can decide upon.  Remember the penguin lady.  You can maybe be a representative for some other creature in peril. 

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